Community driven parking around local schools

What is Zyppyz?

Zyppyz enables residents to earn an income by leasing their driveway for parking during peak school times.

Empowers the community to come together and solve a problem

Reduces parking congestion around local schools

Reduces the stress for parents and offers a more relaxed frame of mind

Parents and school staff

Easy parking around schools

  • Select the days that suit you.
  • Secure the same driveway location every time with a convenient weekly subscription.
  • Pay only for time you need with drop-off, pick-up and all-day parking options.
  • Easy to use location map feature depicting proximity to a school.
  • User-friendly messaging function.

For residents

Earn income with ease

  • Free to list your unused driveway or parking space.
  • Earn extra $$ for as little as 45 minutes per day via a safe and secure payment platform.
  • Be a part of the school parking solution.
  • Manage your own availability for drop-off, pick-up and all-day slots with a calendar and bookings system.

Put an end to daily parking frustration and help solve a community issue

Zyppyz connects residents with their school community to facilitate convenient parking for parents of young school-aged children. Australian children aged 3-5 must be signed in and out of class by a guardian, making it necessary to find parking to complete drop-off/pick-up. In addition to this, some parents of children aged 6-8 (and older) prefer to walk their children into the school grounds.

Limited parking spaces creates anxiety among parents, with many sitting in traffic gridlock or circling the school to secure a car park wasting both time and energy. The daily school drop-off/pick-up struggle to find a car park can sometimes feel like it is never-ending.

Until now, that is.

Zyppyz provides you with simple stress-free parking every day and takes the hassle out of the daily school run.

A parent's solution for a parent problem

Busy Melbourne mother of three Victoria Saristavros would often drive to school pick-up early each day to secure parking and sit idly in her car waiting for the bell.

As she walked back to her car after drop off one morning in May 2019, she looked around at all of the empty driveways and thought to herself how convenient it would be to have a car parking agreement with a resident.

So she did exactly that. Victoria secured a driveway with a neighbour of the school and with that arrangement, the idea of Zyppyz was founded.

Register your interest

Zyppyz is launching in early 2021. We are currently running a pilot program, so please click below and register your interest to get involved!

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